Rroch Limited, through its principal, Bryan Darroch, was established in October 2011 to provide a unique suite of support services to companies in the financial sector.

In particular, we offer services to investment funds/collective investment vehicles and their managers, advisers, administrators, custodians and bankers as well as to corporate and trust service providers.

Given the breadth of Bryan’s global experience, we can provide a wide range of assistance to clients, from planning to execution.

We provide services tailored to each client’s needs and wishes. These may be project specific or ongoing. We promise professionalism, commerciality and pragmatism and, above all, integrity and the utmost confidentiality. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We guarantee that if we cannot help you, we will say so and seek to suggest suitable alternative service providers.

A few examples of the services we can provide are:

Providing assistance and guidance on the structuring of your fund and assisting with preparation of offering/subscription materials.

Assisting with assessment of the prospective client and drafting/negotiating the terms of engagement.

Assisting with the development of new services you may wish to offer, including assessment of capabilities and preparation of standard form contracts.

Helping your business examine its areas of risk and proposing measures to eliminate or mitigate risks.

Examining your business’s procedures and processes, proposing changes where appropriate.

Examining all documentation your business has in place and suggesting any required changes.

Assisting with ensuring that your management and board of directors are acting in accordance with the principals of corporate governance and, in particular, their roles and responsibilities in relation thereto.

Regrettably, claims and disputes are a fact of life in any service provision business. We can assist with investigating the basis of any claims and the response to them. If necessary, we can assist with management of your external counsel to achieve cost effective results if the matter moves to formal legal steps.

Should you be involved in litigation, we can assist you with management of your external counsel and with the discovery process including the identification of relevant materials and information to provide to your external counsel.

Should you be involved in merger/acquisition transactions, we can assist with various aspects of the deal including the due diligence phase.