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  • Isle of Man Funds - Where You Can

    A very interesting and useful suite of funds information and fact sheets has recently been issued by the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development, acting in conjunction with The Isle of Man Funds Association, of which Rroch Limited is an active member.  The whole suite of factsheets is available at

    Rroch Limited is delighted to offer assistance with any aspect of the matters covered in the factsheets or, indeed, in relation to the Isle of Man funds and financial industry in general.

  • Rroch announces consultancy agreement with Ita McArdle, Advocate

     Rroch Limited is delighted to announce that it has entered into a consultancy agreement with Ita McArdle, Advocate, Isle of Man.

    Under the agreement, Rroch will provide the services of its principal, Bryan Darroch, to Ita's firm to assist with and support her legal and fund consultancy practice, as well as Ita's provision of in-house counsel services.  Additionally, there is considerable added value in the combined offering of both Bryan's and Ita's independent non-executive directorship services and in their joint promotion of the Isle of Man Fund industry.

    Having known each other for many years, and having worked together often, Bryan and Ita have identified the obvious synergy of their respective business models and are delighted to have formalised the relationship.

    Ita is chairman of the Isle of Man Funds Association, of which Rroch is an active member.  More information on the association can be found at

    More information on Ita McArdle's practice is available at

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