Rroch Limited introduces a new “your in-house counsel” service, offering bespoke in-house counsel facilities to entities which do not yet have the volume to justify an FTE in-house counsel.

Our principal, Bryan Darroch, was in house counsel with a large financial services provider for over ten years. Bryan was responsible for all legal affairs of in excess of 20 companies in the group, spread over 10 or so jurisdictions. Please see About Us for further information.

We can work for you on a regular basis (e.g. one day per week), a project specific basis or wholly ad hoc.

We can also supplement your existing in-house counsel team when they need that “extra pair of hands” to assist with a particular project or when your requirements have grown but do not yet warrant a further FTE.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Whatever provision we may agree upon, we can promise the utmost confidentiality for your business along with a highly professional and commercially sensitive service.

Rroch Limited provides in-house counsel services to companies in the Isle of Man in conjunction with Ita McArdle, Advocate.  More information regarding Ita's practice can be found at itamcardle.com/